Providing radically efficient crop protection for the agricultural industry.

    The technology developed by Agrynex offers a unique, one-stop solution to crop loss, allowing growers and providers to produce and protect their crops using fewer chemicals. It is our mission to help our customers in protecting their crops with our radically efficient and environmentally responsible crop protection.

    About Us

    A one-stop solution for protecting the world’s agricultural resources

    Seed and soil-borne diseases are a major cause of crop loss. Our unique broad-spectrum protection acts as a safeguard against this, efficiently defending the world’s agricultural resources against harmful pathogens and pest threats. TM

    Our Technology

    Our enzymes kill pathogens when and where it matters

    Our stabilized enzyme technology is a one-stop solution for pests such as fungi, bacteria and nematodes. By eliminating existing pests with the help of ZymPureTM technology and preventing the occurrence of future threats using ZymGuardTM technology, our enzymes kill pathogens where and when it matters.

    Products and Applications

    We treat and defend our customers’ seed supplies

    We ensure that your organic and non-organic crops are fully protected from pathogens with our two-tiered protective technology, which is completely free from harmful fungicides to eliminate the risk of potential seed damage.


    Always striving to be at the forefront of a growing market

    We understand that solutions in crop protection can only be found through the development of new innovations. Our broad-spectrum enzyme technology both protects against and prevents crop damage and loss, offering an environmentally safe and radically effective new pathogenic defence system for our customers.